Shall I get a BMW

After Christmas I’m in the market for a long distance tourer. It won’t be new, about 5-7yrs old. Don’t want an “adventure type” but a faired model I can carry luggage. The BMW R1200RT fits the type — the only Guzzi I can see is the Norge. Are there any other Guzzis that I could get?

Only Guzzi options are Breva or 1200 Sport but they don’t have full fairings only screens. If you want shaft drive but not a BMW there’s Yamaha FJR or Triumph Trophy. Yam is rather dated now but is well respected as a mile-muncher and still in production. Trophy is more modern with sublime engine & comfort but discontinued as most buyers want adventure bikes instead.

Thanks for the reply.
I had forgotten about the FJR. Will have a look. Not a triumph fan. I’m looking at a Norge at the weekend in a MG dealer in York at the weekend. There is also one on eBay and in the forum, same bike.
Some road tests are next.

the norge is a brilliant bike, if you can go for the electrick adjustable screen model . fast frugal good mpg I used to average 55mpg , but I’m not the slowest rider out ther iv seen 39mpg, in Germany crusing at 100mph :blush: .

If it’s the 8V one advertised here by John46, I would definitely get a test ride.

It has been rollerised, which means you would not get the cam wear problem that the earlier 4 valve Guzzis suffer from. The price also seems good.

I bought a 2V this year, partly because I could not find an 8 Valve with the roller cams. If this bike had been available I might have gone for it.
The 2 valve I have is great. Even though they have the full fairing, electric screen, big comfy seat, heated grips etc etc, the steering is really nice and you can chuck it around a bit. Mine does 52-55 mpg too, so you get a 250 mile tank range. The 8 Valve should be more of the same with a bit more top end power.

I have already sent John46 a PM.
I have a V50 and a BMW K1200R Sport, so as a member of the BMW club I know that the touring R1200 between 2010 and 2013 is a proven design. After 2013 it went to liquid cooled.
I like the Norge but there have been many stories of engine problems, and the indifferent support from the factory. Have the problems now been sorted?

The 2V Norge is bulletproof, only know issues are leaking oil pressure switch, which is easily fixed.

The 4V valve engines should in my understanding be avoided, unless they have had the roller cam conversion done, which this bike has. It should therefore be fine.

From what I understand the aircooled R1200RTs are very good and solid for high mileages. I met a guy who used one for commuting between London and Brussels, doing around 30k per year and had had no problems.

Test ride both I would.

You’ve summed what I’ve been thinking. Two good bikes so test ride and personal preference.