shock service

I’m the proud owner of a 2009 Stelvio 1200, with 35k on the clock.
I’ve noticed there is play in the shock, when held at the axle end, it wiggles a few mm left and right, and back forward. And when I compress the shocks from the handlebars, there is a distinct ‘click’ as it begins to move.
Is this wear and tear, i.e. need new bushes?

Sounds likely. If it was me I would get it checked out at a friendly local bike shop/MoT place. Nots sure where in the country you are or if there would be any recommendation from anyone here.

If its any help i have a very good condition 2012 shock for sale 12000 miles on it as I fitted nitro rear shock on mine, I think i could sell it cheaper or similar to the price of a service to your old one - and the money is going to cancer research not me. If your interested contact me on or on here obviously there would be a little bit of postage to pay - I ma not phased about selling it as its handy as a spare for the future but i am sure i will never get round to re using it anyway.Jake.

Did you get this sorted?
You’re talking about the Forks, right, not the Rear Shock?