Shorai batteries

Someone on another forum gave a heads-up to these batteries. Fairly new to the market, anyone got experience of these, and do they live up to their claims ?
(lighter than other batteries of the same capacity).
Sorry for putting it on this part of the forum rather than a tech one, but it’s relevant to all Guzzi twins I should think.

Hi Al, yes, I did find that thread after posting - DOH !
I think my Varta may limp on through this winter, but I will need to replace sometime in the not too distant future.

Using Motobatt, mat gel type in 3 of ours, no problems, (Good price) :smiley:

Cheers Phil :slight_smile:

Phil, what size fits a Tonti frame? I used to use a Ford Escort battery but had to hammer a dent in the underside of the seat base to miss the +ve terminal :confused:

I’ve used the MBTX12U in the Centauro, used the same size for the café racer,
(you could get a bigger one in the tonti frame, might be worth checking out their website).
MBTX12U also in Mrs G’s Hardly Mentionable 883 :smiley:

I used a Motobatt MBTX30UHD in my V7Sport. Fits in just right. It’s a bit shorter than the lead acid originals. You can see it here in a blog post

I remember years ago having battery problems using a car battery. Bike started fine then cut out when I moved off. Tried to bump start it on the hill without any luck and ended up stuck at the bottom with a flat battery from all the repeated attempts. The “West Wales Outlaws” turned up and jump started it with their van but when I pulled away it cut out again. In the end they picked it up (rather too easily), put it in the van and took it back to my garage. Yes when I sat on the bike the seat base shorted out the battery terminals.

Nice site John.

+1 for Motobatt. As recommended and used by Streffords for their Guzzis.

Thanks John, that is a lot of help. I will get the same battery, it looks a good fit. I like the idea of a lifting strap too. But maybe not rainbow stripes! :smiley:

Set of two from the pound shop and you can’t see the stripes when the seat’s down!