Short tour and the B500

I have managed to sneak in a 6 night German tour. Overnight to Zebrugge from Hull, ride down through the Belgium, France and Luxembourg to Baden Baden then did the B500 yesterday and then down to lake Konstanz. We are having a rest today ( exploring Konstanze and having a lazy lunch with a couple of beers) then back up to Luxembourg tomorrow, then Zebrugge. Off the ferry then straight to work Wednesday morning :frowning:

So far lovely hotels and brilliant roads. The B500 was fantastic. I think we caught it just about right with minimal traffic and lovely dry tarmac The videos on You tube do not do it justice.

Well worth the trip on its own.

Well I cant believe it. I got off the ferry in Hull yesterday morning and haven’t had to break out the waterproofs. A first for me!

Chucked it down a few days ago mind… :laughing:

B500 is a great road, we did it in 2011 on our way back from the factory :smiley:

I have planned to do it twice and whilst I had great experiences on both occasions, the B500 alluded me on both occasions through circumstance.