Short trip Travel Insurance.

Spending the Bank Holiday in France seems straightforward, once you’ve ticked off the list of niggling requirements. I’m struggling over finding Travel insurance though. Even Bennetts has sprung a premium on me for going over 125cc. Does anyone know of any company that accepts that riding two up might require something a bit bigger in the engine department? Any recommendations?

I did just this at Easter 4 days in France. The AA offered me £36.00 cover for a week full breakdown and recovery. I was too busy to shop around.

Try more general travel insurance companies rather than motorcycle specific companies. I have a policy from my bank that in the small print does cover bike travel on the condition I have a full UK licence & travelling on my own bike. I checked last year and pillion is covered too as policy is for policy holder + their partner / husband / wife.

But check the small print - many insurers refuse bike cover completely 'coz of inexperienced holiday makers hiring bikes abroad crashing & injuring themselves.

For good or bad, I’ve gone with Voyager Insurance at £31 to cover us both. It is motorcycle-oriented, without odd exclusions. There is a bit of a debate as to whether an insurer who excludes activities on bikes larger than 125cc would then honour a claim if you are habitually hooning around on something with 1100cc.