Shortening Nevada Handlebars

I’ve been thinking that my Nevada handlebars are too wide. I bought a similar handlebar, for a Yamaha 125 I think, as they were about 5" shorter.
Unfortunately when I tried to fit it there was no way the clutch cable could route beside the clocks without deforming it with a bend.
I’ve decided to just chop about an inch off each side, not as narrow as I’d like but hopefully a small improvement in comfort.
Anyone been more successful with changing the bars?

2007 Classic ie
I fitted a Renthal 819-50 Fatbar and CL003 bar mounts. I also used some Renthal bar ends to graft the OEM bar end weights.
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Google “Delboys garage Renthal Triumph” for fitting.

Dear Kenny,

Although it’s not shortening the 'bars as such, the Nevada Anniversario model uses narrower bars similar to the V7 Classic but it does share the same clocks as that bike too. It is therefore possible to fit narrower and lower bars to the Nevada of that era (you don’t state which model you have).

Good luck!


Thanks for the reply’s. It’s a 2006 Classic ie I own.

After a bit more thought I decided to increase the pull back on the Yamaha bars by bending them back to approximately the same as the original bars.
Some of the chrome flaked off when I bent them though they still looked OK but the clutch cable still fowled and they were now only 600 mm wide against the Nevada’s 780 mm size.

I bought a couple of lengths of 22 mm and 18 mm Aluminium tube and added 50 mm on each side, stuck on with evostick “sticks like sh@t”. This allowed the clutch cable to route beside the clocks without too much of a bend.
Next I drilled a couple of new positioning holes for the switch gear and bought some nice expanding fitting bar ends to finish them off.

The end result is the bars are now 4" shorter than the stock bars and slightly closer to my body. The riding position is so much better for my 5’ 8" height. Before I was slightly forward of the raised part of the seat and now my butt is right against it with my arms in a very natural hold on the bars.

Well pleased… Now to work on the screen for a quieter ride. Any suggestions?

Hi Kenny, Firstly, would you by any chance be the very same Kenny that accompanied three others, on a pleasurable ride-out from the last Scottish Rally in Thornhill…? " Now to work on the screen for a quieter ride" … Oh, that is going to be a complex problem, with so many variables to get mired in, if quietness is your goal …. Rather like preferences for oil, tyres, helmets, ( full-face / open-face) … Over the years I’ve tried and tried screens that promised so much … only to remove them and confine the to the attic …! Even some good helmets that promise wildly optimistic decibel levels, sadly don’t seem to live up to the manufacturers claims … ( I suppose some do work) … For years I had ridden wearing “foam” squashy ear-plugs … but, 4 or 5 years ago, I “bit the bullet” and had a pair of “rubbery” silicone ones moulded in my ears, till set … Worth every penny … A lot easier than faffing about with your screen … a lot cheaper than investing in a screen that you can’t “try before you buy” … Best of all … earplugs are easily transferred from bike to bike …! Regards, Tony

Hi Tony, Yes it’s me and it was a lovely ride out and a great meet.

Your past experience is very similar to mine. I’ve tried numerous screens on my previous bikes and every one induced varies degrees of deafness.
I think your right and the rather expensive, individually moulded ear plugs are the way to go.

I generally prefer naked bikes but I am now sitting so upright on my bike that the screen will have to stay.
Touring screens are very dear so I’ll maybe try one of the cheap clip on deflectors and if there’s no improvement, go for the moulded plugs.

Sorry I couldn’t make the Pennine meeting. Sadly my mother passed away and family matters have been taking precedent.

All the best

Hi Kenny, I am very sorry to learn of the passing of your mother … and I understand very well, the role and duties of being an executor. Please accept my condolences … I hope we can meet up at some rally or gathering, at some time in the future, when your circumstances are not so sombre … Regards, Tony

Much appreciated Tony.
My parents came to live with me over 15 years ago as my father was struggling with the stairs in their house.
We were a bit like “The Waltons” what with me and Fiona plus 4 kids.
With having such a good family dynamic it’s been a sad time.
Kind Regards