Should the new V7s have a category?

So i’m asking the more technical minded of you, should we get a seperate ‘sub-category’ in ‘Technical’ for the new V7s & V7 850s?
At the moment they are with the ‘smallblocks’, as I was told the engine is a ‘smallblock’ but some of the other stuff is quite new.

Cheers Uki

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Based on my relatively limited knowledge.I’m under the impression that the “Modern” V7’s where introduced in 2008 where are the original V7’s were the 1970’s era.

Sub category seems a good idea.

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And therein lies the challenge, @gus35 - sure, there were V7’s in the 70’s; Loops and Big Blocks. Both of those are in one ‘Category’ here, currently. Were there enough Loop-specific discussion, we might break that out in into its own ‘Category’ [Technical - Loop Frame Models]. And then there are the newer V7’s, based on the small-block lump, from 2007(?) to 2020(?) which were generally considered to be evolved ‘small block’ motors.

So, that’s:

  • Loop frame models (incl a V7)

  • Big block Tonti (incl V7…x2?)

  • V7 750’s - ‘small block’ - 2007/8 to about 2019?

and now we have a V7 850 (Stone and Special, with more to come?) with the ‘new’ V850 engine, so a new and ‘4th V7 range?’

Fun, eh? I can’t say I know the engines well enough to decide, but there does seem to be a new demographic of owner/riders loving the newer V7 850’s and potentially raising their own model-specific discussions.


My thought is to have V7 pre date and V7 post date to separate.

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We certainly need to clearly separate the original ‘big/heavy’ V7s from the later more modern models which are, it’s true, a development of the original V35/V50 ‘small block’. My suggestion (purely personal) is one category for the ‘small block’ V35/V50/V65/V75/750 with carbs and another one for the later modern 750s, starting with the Breva 750 as that was the first 750 with fuel injection. This would include the V7 Classic, Stone etc and even the ‘V7’ 850. V85TT? Not sure!
Roger Shufflebottom

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Having owned a 1980’s small block Guzzi and a new V7 Special 850 you can instantly see the heritage, however the difference between the two is chalk and cheese, power characteristics, handling and build quantity are light years apart. Realistically though i think the only way to categorise the bikes is through dating.

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