Show us your bike...

I have just realised there is not a show your bike thread, so I thought I should start one…

I have two Guzzi’s, both are 1973 850 Eldorado’s, one lives here in the UK, the other lives in the US, and is heading for a mechanical rebuild this winter in Maryland, ready to be used when I am in the US. Both bikes came from the South East, my UK bike is from Arkansas, and the US bike is from Alabama, and they are only 35 numbers apart on the VIN plates. The Alabama bike has only had two owners before me, and is Original paint :sunglasses:

My UK bike…

And my US bike…

Those are my two Guzzi’s, so come on then show us your bikes :smiley:

Here’s me and the California, bought last September, really getting into the cruiser style now, so much that I can’t get on with the Bonnie with it’s low bars!

And the old faithful Spada that I bought in 1989!


Here’s my V7 Classic, bought only last week:

On Saturday celebrating the England World Cup 1/4 finals game.

Get to celebrate the Semi finals game on Wednesday :laughing:

Empty roads, oh how I love football! :smiley:

Where is that?

Where is what?

By Holt Farm on the A54, south of the Cat N Fiddle, Congleton bound, between the 2nd last and last average speed camera…

Well done, I thought Mike was asking where are the empty roads during the football as it came directly after my post…tricksy stuff this forum lark :confused:

Yeah, can’t think why I stopped there mind. :blush:

My 2001 Cali Special.

IMG_1279 by Carol Corby, on Flickr

Difficult question, I can’t see a pub anywhere for miles :wink:

Sorry didn’t notice Chris had posted before me! :blush:

My V7 III Anniversario (with Mistral short exhausts) - Still no closer to running it in after 3 months, oh the joys of working away for 9 months of the year! :cry:

Here are mine, just before I cleaned all the bugs off.
bikes Jul 18 resize.jpg

Here’s my Bella in front of the garage:

Mongrel reclining in Leek, Staffordshire on our way to the Peak District.
Mongrel en route to somewhere.JPG

I can’t see any oil under the bike Steve, are you sure there is a leak? :smiley: