Sick old lady

Been for a ride out today and the bike (850-T3) seemed reluctant to really go, almost as if I had an intermittent carb blockage or an occasional missing spark. I arrived at Loomies biker cafe and people remarked that she did not sound too good. I shut down and then restarted and she sounded fine.
On returning home she started first touch of the button (as always) but then began to feel poorly again. On the A3 she felt as if she was hanging back and then began to backfire several times. We made it home (as all Guzzis do) but I really need to sort her out.
Any wise words?
All the best,

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if still on points give them a good clean and check the gaps,check the HT leads are not loose where they fit into the coils,is one of the coils warmer than the other after a ride?check if a petrol filter is blocked,check if a spark plug cap is loose if they appear to be ok chuck a couple of new NGK spark plug caps on, check if throttle cable s are running free and smooth

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All that check choke is not sticking or has a perished O ring

Is it best to remove the petrol tank before tackling the problem? Getting at the distributor with it in place is very difficult.
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is the fuel filler cap air vent blocked ?

It does not seem to have a vent hole!

Oh they do but it is hidden but a blocked vent will affect both cyls. By the way had the V1000 reluctant, crap in the float bowls. The bike will start and get reluctant once on the move as you open it up.

Worth doing the easy stuff first

Check the float bowls easy to drop them with carbs in situ
Similarly check the choke cables and the “O” rings

Pop tank off check the elekrtikery to coils etc
pop out plugs check the colour
As I found out …check air cleaner(s) guzzibear2013-02-17 18:38:07

One plug is the colour of an instant coffee granule (RH) the left side is sooty so I have some sort of imbalance or timing issue.

Check the choke cable on the sooty side…sounds like it is snagging.

Both choke cables look poor. Are they easy to change? Not sure how to dismantle and replace, they go to a common cylindrical device topped by the overcentre lever.

change for flip top leversyou need two

No sooner said than done. They are on order.

kent Shaun just changed his and transformed the bike

The flip up lever and well oiled cables work fine when set up smoothly, I found mine were all kinked and twisted from being pushed into the maze of fuel pipes and wires between the carbs. Straightened them out and oiled them up all is fine now.

Yeh they are ok the cables are easy to change open up the choke control it is merely a 2:1 set up in fact I took one apart to fit a Honda handlebar mounted choke pull at one time the lever simply pulls up a round "plastic part that has the 2 cables up each side …

I’ve never had a problem with the twin cables and single flip lever.What I have had problems with recently, maybe related to ethanol in fuel, is sticking brass choke plungers. Check the one on the sooty side is returning ok when the choke is off.

When the new choke bits arrive I will change them and then strobe check the timing on both cylinders before going further in. CylvaBirch2013-02-18 20:24:27

Al I find taking out the chokes and cleaning them with white spirit then using a green scrubbie seems to keep them slippy. Someone told me yrs ago that unlike other degreasers whit sprit leaves no residue…works on mine mate.

Do not use any form of wet n dry as that will leave minute bits of grit on the brass BUT the scrubbies work on all sorts without leaving any residue, but you probably know that. (Others may not)

^ Wot he said, choke plungers and seals need to be A1 condition. Guess it does sound like OK while engine cold, then too rich once properly hot. Had this happen on the R80 Bings which have rotating disc type choke valves, when they get cacked up, won’t close properly. (Spring too weak.) Edit: on the bright side, can temporarily remedy this by merely pushing down the externally accessible bell-crank
Mike H2013-02-19 15:13:08

New choke levers have arrived from Gutsibits. I will fit them at the weekend and see what happens!