Side Panel Removal

I feel really stupid asking but, how does one remove the side panels on an 850 Special? All the guidance that I have seen makes reference to 3 screws on each side, but mine only has 1 on each side. The top of each panel seems to be held internally very securely. I am reluctant to apply too much pressure as this usually results in unintended expense!


There should be a sticker under the seat near the tank which explains the process if I recall correctly. That said, simply remove the single screw, lift up the rear of the panel (it’s held on using a rubber grommet/peg affair like old Suzuki’s) and finally push the whole thing forwards to similarly release the peg from the grommet at that end.

It’s a little stiff the first time you remove it, but support the panel evenly and don’t yank anything with brute strength. I smeared a little red rubber grease on the grommets which makes things easier in future.

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That’s great! Thank you for your help :+1: