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I found a mid-mount sidestand bracket on eBay a few weeks ago, and got round to fitting it on my Spada today. I think it came from a 1000S, but maybe the same as others. Bracket fits OK, but the pivot position is lower so the existing stand is too long. Looks like it needs to be about 25-30mm shorter.

Has anyone got one they don’t need, or can measure the length for me? I can perhaps cut my stand down and re-weld the foot on.

1000s stand from centre of pivot bolt to bottom of foot 220.
(79 spada stand 240)

Thanks Phil - mine is a '78 Spada so presumably the same. Need to chop 20mm off then!

Could you not alter the angle of the bracket with a vice and hammer. Did this on mine and it did the job fine. Don-Spada suggested it to me as I had no access to welding equipment and needed the bike back on the road.



Mine angles over quite a bit when ot the side stand

This is what I did when I fitted a MKIV side stand to my MKIII.

Bluddy hell :astonished:

No need for cutting & welding, and that’s a bit drastic if you get it wrong. I had same problem with mid mount side stand being too long for a Mk4 le mans (with 16 inch front end), just heat it up till cherry red and then bend the tube over. That way you can do in stages until its just right

My 850T didn’t have a side stand when I bought it, so I considered my options. in the end I thought I would try modifying a Royal Enfield Bullet stand as they are cheap new on eBay and it worked out really quite well.

Now lets see if I can upload some photos.

Hi Freebird,
FYI your entire album collections are visible via that link. I didnt pry too much. :mrgreen:

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