Side stand.

Hello out there. The 850T I now own has no side stand and I’m intending to fit one. Eight or nine years ago I had a Le Mans mk 2 with the side stand attached to the front engine bolt. I now see plctures of Tonti framed bikes with the side stand near the left side footrest. Is this straightforward to do? Many years ago I had a Velocette and the side stand was amidships and so easy to use from the saddle. On the Le Mans I remember it being a bit of a stretch for my meagre 5’ 8" without getting off first. Not such a big deal but I will be fitting one anyway so if it’s easy enough to put it in the middle, that’s what I’d like to do.
Regards. Dave.
P. S. I don’t remember seeing one in the middle last time I was a member but there’s a lot I don’t remember from several years ago :- (

Dave, there are different types, the two you have mentioned and the Cali one, which needs a lug on the LH lower frame rail. The Cali one is fantastic but big. I had a side stand on my 850T fixed to the front engine bolt and it failed, I watched as it folded under the bike in front of my eyes. Not fun as I was too far away to stop the slow roll! The lug on the back of the bracket that stops it rotating around the front engine mount bolt was worn that the bracket did rotate. I may revive it but I will drill out the remains of the lug and replace it with a bolt.

Thanks for the information Steve. I suspected that it might need a lug adding. It’s not urgent so I’ll store the idea for the future. Regards. Dave.


Sorry Chris. Talk about short term memory! :fearful:

Cali left hand lower frame rails used to be available, they are probably not so easy to get these days

You are thnking of the T5 or le-Mans 4/5 and SP3 side stand that mounts on the gearbox fixing bolt. I fitted one to my SP and it works great.
I believe Gutsibits sell kits for these now.
Like this…

Sorry for the delay Don. I’ve been out of it for most of this week. Yes, that looks exactly right. I’ll make some enquiries. Regards. Dave

I’ve sent an email to Gutsibits enquiring about availability so I’ll see what comes back. I’ll be in touch. Regards. Dave

Side stand kit now ordered from Gutsibits. Delivery within six to eight weeks. Thanks for the information Don.


Where did you get those silencers from?

Hi Chris
The silencers were from Armours I think. I fitted them soon after I bought the bike in 1989 as the original ones had holes in when I bought the bike.
They are stainless and do make a nice sound, but not to be too loud to be annoying when travelling a distance.