Silencer dismantling itself

Out for a little bimble today, stopped for fuel and noticed some fluffy stuff hanging out of the front of the silencer. Turns out the front end of the Termigoni has de-riveted or the inner support has failed. Before I dismantle has anyone else had this happen and what was the outcome?Cheers, Gerry.

i’ve had it happen on cars a few times where the perforated inner section fail and the wadding starts to blow out

ended up with about 25m following me home on one car

outcome …£££ new silencer for my last few cars

Shove it back in and rivet it up, ouch, thats what we do…

Used to often happen to the old Brit bikes as kate ses… pop riveting can work.

Slight mod to above description, can is a Mistral Carbon and the front end cap and inlet pipe has sheared neatly away from the ring which is riveted to the outer cover, so it looks like a drill out rivets and stainless welding to replace ring. Either that or £342 for a replacement can.
Cheers, Gerry.

Guy recently mended lads crosser can, shout up if you get stuck…

Thanks, Kate, have managed to source 4.8 x 10 sealed rivets, replacement packing and ss wire wool liner for £22 total, have an ex Guzzi owning mate who can do ss welding so all in hand for repair.Cheers, Gerry.

Top job x

talking of packing I once had a Suzuki GT750 fail mot on noise from expansions , as a quick fix I packed them with fibreglass insulation - worked a treat for MOT but mates were moaning for weeks about itching on faces as they followed me, basically blew the fibreglass all over them

The latest packing is like a thin quilted sheet that fits in easily then expands to fill the space when it warms up, smart huh?G.

Job done! Ended up brazing the ring on myself with my new Christmas pressie, proper big gas torch, it was a bit hot, have now got facial sunburn and the propane bottle froze itself to the flagstones. Installed new packing and got some grip excercise pop riveting 4.8mm rivets with a domestic hand tool. Silencer fitted and bike fired up, nice and rorty and £300+ saved, result! Cheers, Gerry.

Well done. Was that a propane torch or oxy-propane? I used to have an oxy acelylene set but the annual rental on the cylinders got too high.

Propane torch, one of Sievert’s finest, a bit like a smaller version of their roofing torch, you need a lot of heat to silver solder model boilers and the Sif Bronze used for the silencer needed 850deg. to get it to flow. Would like to use oxy-acetylene but you need a workshop safety inspection to get the bottles now, even for private use.Cheers, Gerry.

last year i cancelled my BOC and went to different company that the bottle rental for the X size bottles (The same as the little boc portapacks etc ) that fit on the back of the mig etc the rental went down from £11.75 per month per bottle to £4.80 per bottle and its less agro phone them up and its delivered usually next day FOC not sure of complete range but know they do pure argon for stainless and argon mix for MIG + oxygen and acetalyne etc Cellar gas direct i now use [QUOTE=Brian UK]

Well done. Was that a propane torch or oxy-propane? I used to have an oxy acelylene set but the annual rental on the cylinders got too high.[/QUOTE]

Oxy propane sets are readily available in the French DIY sheds, all plumbers use them as they hard solder all pumbing joints there. Not so expensive either.

Have a small oxy propane kit, US made, useful for the little details but it uses about 5 Oxy bottles per propane bottle and gets hot enough to slice through bronze boiler fittings.G.

Nice one Duffo…