silent hektik ignition

hi all, anyone out there running a silent hektik ignition system. if so, are there any issues with fitting? where are the best places to mount the coils and cdi box on a mk11 lemans. :unamused:

I thought I may as well leave some feedback. The kit I got was the Silent Hektik electronic ignition, the kit includes a trigger and rotor that fits to the end of the alternator, a CDI box and a pair of coils with ht leads.
The first issue is in the instructions where you need to check polarity of the Bosche rotor with a compass the instructions seem to contradict the photo, the north on my compass was drawn towards the end of the rotor and after searching a few BMW airhead forums that seems to be the way.

The second issue is where to mount the coils, I opted for a a stainless plate which I recycled from a scrap dish washer, I made a template from thin card and cut out the shape with an angle grinder. I just need to relocate the voltage regulator as space is a bit tight.

The third issue is mounting the trigger, as it mounts on the bolts that hold the 3 yellow cables, you need to be careful undoing the screws as they are very close to the wires coming out of the alternator. you get some shims in the kit which I used to get the right gap between the trigger, at this point you can get a static setup by adjusting the rotor.

The wiring is fairly straight forward, I used the white cable coming from the ignition via the kill switch as positive and wired the coils as per instruction. The CDI I set to the recommended No9 setting and the rev limiter to 8000rpm.

All in all I’d say its easily a job for the home mechanic I had no real issues that I couldn’t sort and the bike fired first touch of the button, happy days. AV

I would be interested in knowing how you get on with them say a 1000miles later.
Two questions:

  • Where did you mount the magic smoke box?
  • Why mount the coils behind the side panel and not off the frame above engine?

Hi Drd Thanks for the questions. I’m looking forward to seeing how this system pans out in a 1000miles and I’ll post an update when I hit that number.

There are a couple reason’s why I mounted the coils under the side panel and not under the tank, the major reason is their sheer size and weight, they come with a bracket built in and being German it’s heavy-duty, the coil sits central to the bracket and so sticks out both sides. So the choice is spacers or cut outs in the plate I chose the latter as I didn’t have any spacers, also the white wire is conveniently placed under the side panel where the old coils used to be and I didn’t want to cut into the loom as it’s never been modified or cut. The instructions from SH also say mount in place of the old coils and to be honest fitting the coils under the tank makes it harder to get to and probably harder to fit.( I had weeks of removing the tank to adjust the timing so I may be biased).

I haven’t mounted the “smoke box” as I just got a new odyssey battery which is a lot smaller than the old lawn mower battery that I’d been using and I’m in the process of building a battery plate with a clever system that allows access to the cdi box without taking the battery out. At the mo it’s been cabled tied to the frame as I’m still testing things as I haven’t ridden the bike for over twenty years.

Hope this answers your questions AV

ps Do you have any experience of S H ignition systems or are you thinking of getting one?