Silent Hektik Ignition

I am thinking of fitting this to my T3. Has anyone got experience of fitting Silent Hektik ignition to one of the older bikes? It’s not cheap so I’d rather my money was well spent!

What is wrong with your present setup?

From a person that lavished money on the Spada all i can say is xxck me thats dear Personally cannot see what you would gain on a standard roadbike over a Dyna 111 at Half the price

Ex smokingbiker2013-10-31 10:26:41

I am running points at the minute, and they are fine. I have an irrational preference for electronic ignition.

I don’t mind paying decent money for something good. The Silent Hektik is well hyped, so I was interested in finding out if anyone had fitted it, and what their experience was.

The same question I am asking myself!

Points are fine.I threw away my origonal points out of ignorance in '88.I now know I wasted a lot of money on electronic ignition I didn’t need.If your points are working fine keep them.They were good enough for some very upmarket cars in their time, they are better than any road bike needs unless you twin plug when the criteria MAY change.Think of those bottles of Laphroaig you could buy.

There was an article a looong while ago in Gambalunga re points, as opposed to elektrikery, the basic conclusion was…leave well alone as:-

  1. The points get an easy life as they effectively run at half crank speed and each set powers only 1 cyl

  2. The points set up gives the coils an easy life as many elektrikery systems use “wasted spark” so fire every stroke

  3. If you do have a break down points are very easy to repair or run home on 1 cyl,

From MY personal experience NEVER had any problems with points in over 200k miles , the Lucas RiTa on the T5 engine has caused more no start and other problems than I ever had with points.

Points rarely need looking at in the real world and coils last forever. Many electronic ones are :-

Need new coils
Seem to eat coils
Cause some really wierd faults
The only real gain is with a race type bike with the twin plug conversion, easy to do on the round engines but there are other things you could spend money on that will increase your riding pleasure

IF you have to change to elektrikery, the Dyna system seems to work well

Laphroaig - one of my favourites!

Will anyone admit to having fitted electronic ignition after this?

Unfortunatly the forum wasn’t available in '88 and I wasn’t in the club.Ardbeg is also very good.As is Bunnahabien.For brandies it is Asbach every time unless you have far too much dosh.

Asbach - well that brings back memories as a 17 YO of going to a mates 18th birthday party at Gutersloh air base and getting completely plastered and being hung over the railing next to the guard hut waiting for the taxi to come.

Apparently I was banned from the mess after that
tris2013-10-31 12:18:23

[QUOTE=fen tractor] Laphroaig - one of my favourites!
Will anyone admit to having fitted electronic ignition after this?[/QUOTE]

I have recently taken the Electronic Ignition of my 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago and replaced the whole lot with a distributor and points.

I have noticed no difference whatsoever in the performance and feel that I have given my car instant Classic Status.

Bowlocks to progress is all I can say.

Now where did I put that bloody imperial feeler gauge ?

Arthur L. Uddite

DazGuzzi2013-10-31 12:50:49

YES i had Dyna 111 on the spada the new le-mans is electronic i think and the Spada replacement will be electronic as it comes along

Ex smokingbiker2013-10-31 13:29:44

Why? Normal behaviour down the road with the Gunners in Mansergh Kaserna.Spelling is negotiable, or just plain wrong.
iandunmore2013-10-31 16:51:18

The same question I am asking myself![/QUOTE]

However it is not half price!, Gutsibits doing the Dyna111 at £198, and the Silent thingy is priced at £359, but with the Silent one, you do get the complete set up, new coils and leads included, so by the time you added these, should you wish to, onto the Dyna set up you could possibly end up paying more,(if you bought in the UK).

Oh!, and don’t forget your compass for setting up if you have a Bosch alternator.rbt15482013-11-01 10:19:59

Dyna on me Le Mans and also their dual output coils cos it is twin plugged, fit and forget…

The “fit and forget” bit is why I usually replace points with electronic ignition, I don’t expect a huge performance gain. The majority view so far seems to be that on the standard set up, points get such an easy time it’s not worth the expense. I am happy to hear alternative views (cos I quite like to tinker…)

I have the Piranha system on my Spada, now sold as Newtronics, works fine, fitted years ago and forget about i.Keeps the original advance retard so easy to put back to points. I always carried them in the pannier when went touring.

Had a Dyna ignition and coils on my Le-Mans and over the course of about five or six years the crimp connectors corroded away so they were replaced, then on one December night on the way home from work one of the coils failed which in turn took out the black box, luckily only about 1/4 mile from home. I’ve now got a Cliff Jeffries Rec-Ignition on it and I’m using the Dyna pickups. My V65 has Newtronic. Having said that, my MK2 had Lucas Rita which I could never get dialled in so I bunged the points back in and all was well.

Piranha / Newtronics uses the original coil.

It does indeed use orginal coils.