Silent Norge

Got myself fettled for a spin this morning, went to start the Norge and … nothing.

Battery on charge, and now fully charged, checked fuses, but no luck. I’m assuming that there’s a relay lurking somewhere that is the culprit, but as I haven’t had the bike long, a little advice would be helpful.

There is a very faint click when I press the starter button, and then a pause, and another little click.

Got a long weekend booked, so it would be nice to be able to get out there

EDIT: The post about this in technical FAQ is not loading properly

Another edit: the wiring mod has been done already…


From experience with my Breva 1100, I would suggest a back-to-basics approach. Detach and clean the battery terminals and leads, and the earth lead behind the starter cover to the engine. Use a wire brush and get them polished up.

Battery terminals and connectors all spring cleaned! Just need to get to the earth terminal on the crankcase…

Mods to loom as recommended - now running like a beast!

Glad you’ve got it sorted.
Same old problem that’s been plaguing Guzzi’s for years. It does make you wonder why the factory can’t come up with a permanant solution.

Just had the same problem. Seems to be intermittent. I have charged the battery up and cleaned the battery contacts but it did not make a difference.

Can someone remind me what the loom mod is please. Any help with what components to buy would be helpful as I am not well practiced with wiring .



It is to run a new feed wire to the starter relay direct from the battery, rather than via the ignition switch.
Not sure of the method on the newer bikes, but a quick google search "Guzzi Click no crank "will bring up several articles about it.
One such topic here for you

Many thanks.

In fact I have found a loose wire on the back of the solenoid, just a basic spade connector come loose and a bit corroded.

Have cleaned the earths as well. All seems to be well now touch wood.

Nightmare to get all the bodywork on and off to access, taken me most of the day . Would be a 10 min job on the Le Mans!

Time to reprint the ‘yellow wire’ modification in Gambalunga, perhaps!