Riding home after work on Friday evening went onto reserve.
On Saturday filled up SWMBOs Fiat 500.
Sunday morning got on the bike, looked at the trip, remembered I had filled up yesterday and set trip to zero.
Couple of miles later…
Ran out of petrol. Luckily about only about 1/2 km from home.
Either it’s age or vin rouge. Or both?

Try putting petrol in it, you will find it runs better than it will on vin rouge :smiley:

Senility with two Italian machines?
Could be worse!

But wouldn’t three be better?

including the Fiat - 5.5 :smiley:

The senility was the 350, right? I always wanted the 500 - the dementia.

This is normal for anyone over the age of 10. Senility is when you spend 10 minutes looking for the Fiat’s sidestand before you pull away.

PS, does anyone ever go for their seat belt when they sit on their bike?

No, but I sometimes get ready to lean into a bend in the car and then feel really stupid

Yesterday after a ride out, got back home, unpacked bike, took bike clobber off, went to hang jacket in the wardrobe in the spare room where it normally lives, and emptied all the pockets before I put it in there, as I normally would.

5 minutes later, I’m looking for my keys so I can finish locking up. Hunted high and low. Naff all anywhere. House keys, bike keys, phone, credit cards, where TF are they??? Even went back outside in case I’d left them on the bike seat or something equally daft. (Twice!)

I’d emptied the jacket pockets in the spare room so I’d put it all on top of one of the stacks of storage boxes that are also in there. I normally do it on the dining room table.

True story. Moral: do not put things down in not the usual places. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve misplaced a rag or tool lke that. Rags is favourite.


I’m glad it’s not just me. Honda key gone. Car key gone. Work keys gone.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

I once put my Triumph keys on top of a mini box shrub outside the back door. Found them rusty a year or so later.

Also held up a plane departure at Schiphol once. Was a bit late for the flight owing to delayed connection, got to my seat and got in a panic about where my passport was. Was convinced I had left it at security, which was by the gate, so left the aircraft to go and retrieve it. No sign. Eventually found it in the seatback pocket, where I had put it as I sat down.

No but after a long period without cycling I’d jumped back on a bicycle to head off somewhere local; pulled up at a junction with the brakes juddering a bit and thought - ‘bugger I’ve stalled it’.


Luv the Triumph keys. The passport mislay tho is scary!

My speciality is putting useful things in a safe place. Can I find them again when I need them? Never. I’ve recently turned up stuff I put in a safe place 25 years ago - now I can’t remeber what they were supposed to be for.

I do that too! The amount of time I’ve spent sometimes searching for stuff is nobody’s business. I’ve even bought things again because I can’t find the originals. Which turn up later of course.

Fettling my Ambassador in the shed, every time I put something down I lose it. It’s not the tidiest place on earth but I’d love to know where my side stand bracket and ignition mounting ring are!

Maybe you have a shed tidying mouse? Did you see the video on line a few days ago?

Maybe we all have shed tidying mice?

Ours just leave us nuts. Wonder if we could get them better trained?

that is extraordinary. :smiley: