Small block 350

My younger, and much better looking, and wealthier brother, rides a green Japanese motorcycle
its very good, ultra reliable and does all sorts of stuff automatically, it has a screen that can be adjusted, a partial fairing, ABS, a display that can change to KMPH and lots more

however for some time he has been considering the purchase of a smaller classic motorcycle for high days and holidays, for some time he considered a 400/4
However due to a session in Mandello he has fallen in love with the 350 small block, and at some point in the next year will purchase one
what he will not buy is some persons idea of a custom machine, its got to be a standard machine
we will probably go over to the Netherlands to locate one and it must be in first class unmolested order
I know that engine size was not imported although a few are on our roads

so apart from the usual things, any particular models to look for or avoid ?

The smallblock is usually pretty reliable good machine. I would be tempted to steer him in the direction of a V50 rather than the 350. Exactly the same in appearance, just a little bit more power.

Has Nigel (webmaster) sold his Imola yet?

I was interested in Nigel’s bike for Karen, but he took it off the market as it was not running well, so he can sort it out. Karen has since said that she will stick to her Piaggio

I had the Imola II. B144FGT
It does need to be ridden hard and kept in fine fettle to do so. Alot of fun and a 400 mile day absolutely doable.
Just mind the back of the tank.

I forgot to mention baby bro is 6 feet 5, so an Imola would look like a sumo wrestler on Kate moss
he will have to have upright bars and stuff for his gangly legs, the useless item


Yes indeed! :laughing:

Advice from M learned friends passed on
he will look for a V50 instead
his son is taking the mick out of him as he looks daft riding his V7
but I am sure he will get on OK
if not I told him to consider a Nevada as the high bars would make it easier for him
but he wants a small bike
he was here helping me at the weekend with my WW1 tank and I noticed him getting tired pushing the versys around to get out

Nevada 350?