Small block breather

Message today from Harpers
That they will soon be listing these natty breather boxes for small blocks fitted with pod filters.
Price in the US is about $25
Will keep you posted

That looks tiny compared to the non standard one on my bike. I believe it may have come from a Land Rover !

Looks robust!
Puts me in mind of Fred Dibnah’s traction engines :smiley:
if it does the job then it’s a good 'un

never bothered with fancy breathers on small blocks, the make so much condensation its not worth putting back into the sump.

You just need to connect both the head breathers to a Y compressor barb (8mm) and route the 3rd connection to the rear wheel with a 8mm hose.

Remove the sump return and block hole in block with an suitable bolt and crush washer.

Done many thousands of miles on v35/50/monza/v65 / tt with v7 engine with breather like that

Ok if you feel you want to fit a breather. Then fit this. It is a breather off a 3 Litre TDI Land Rover (heavy breather). It is a cyclonic type which are very efficient (think Dyson). It is very small and neat. I tried to take a photo of it on the bike but you can hardly see it. I mounted to the brass union shown on the photo using a metal strip to a Clutch housing nut. The two rocker hoses go to the middle union (silicon in). The top union is vent out hose and the bottom is the drain return to the sump. The roundish bit at the top is a valve system. It works and is cheap (about £10) and you do not get the oily residue that often appears at the top of the gearbox after a long ride on these bikes. In other words it works perfectly. This system would work on larger Guzzi’s as well. On my 850T I just vent everything to the outside world and that has been like that for 30 years! But these bikes breather better than small block I feel.

Cheers Julia,
I have a Guzzi badge on the Land Rover so a LR ilter on the NTX would seem to maintain the balance :wink:
Have fun

On the back of this, I have bought that Land-Rover breather, though ‘small and neat’ means different things to different folk ! :smiley:
So I assume I ‘T’ the two breather hoses together and connect to the middle, and is the return to the sump, the hose that I have appearing from somewhere under the gearbox ? Also I guess I need to attach a hose to the top vent or is it ok to leave it as is ?
Sorry for the questions.
Cheers, Tony.

This will be my route when I get the Y piece, and some 8mm hose.

Small blocks don’t need a fancy breather with a dirty sump return … Even Dave Richardson uses the hose to the rear mudguard method

Ian I have just removed the y piece and used to 8mm hoses to the back , makes for easier plumbing underneath the tank

After 3000 miles my oil is still lovely and clean and no majo in the valve covers

Did a spirited 90 mile ride out on the TT two up with all three cases full and it still spat condensation out … No way I want the breather returning back to the sump

Quick picture to highlight why you dont want a breather on your small block… Esp a condensing system with a dump return…

This was after 50 odd mile ride… Fresh clean motul 7100 still nice cherry red

I have not tried leaving the out vent without a hose. Lots of people talk about Mayo being produced so directly feed pipes to open vent and block up return to sump. Usually Mayo is caused by short cool running. If you do a lot of this then open vent may be the way to go. However the Mayo is a mixture of condensation and oil so any venting to atmosphere results in slight oil loss. I vent my 850 to the atmosphere but this bike runs hotter and produces no Mayo. One or two drips off clean oil may appear from the vent pipes after a blast. You said the TDI breather was larger than expected. In reality it similar in size to the original metal breather box. Since fitting the TDI breather I there is none of the oily mess that sometimes appears on the top of the gearbox which you often see on these small blocks. I was never impressed with the design of the original Guzzi metal box breather.