Small Block Breathing - Florida

While rebuilding the Florida I notice that the gearbox breather appears to be stopped with a cap nut. On the Imola there is a breather pipe. I will be using the Imola breather box for the engine. What should I do about gearbox breathing? Should I leave it alone or open it up with the Imola system?

This is not a performance build,just a well breathed 650 with standard camshaft etc. Free breathing exhaust and K&N filters.

On my V65, what appears to be a cap-nut is, in fact, the breather. I have read reports of some folk experiencing oil coming out but have to say that I’ve never had any bother. I think the secret is to keep the gearbox oil at the correct level.

I would advise adding a tube to raise the breather outlet.Small block gearboxes were renowned for ejecting their oil out of the short breather cap, lowering the oil level inside to what can be a crucial level. I know my V50 did until I added a 4 inch tube.

Thanks both

Also, from time to time the breather bolt gets plugged. I noticed last summer when draining the final drive (“rear” gearbox), that it wasn’t draining very quickly. I found that the breather bolt was occluded.So, this is something to keep in mind.