Small block clutch (mostly)

Specifically a 650 Florida.

I have just purchased a 650 Florida just 16,800 miles, single lady owner. Overall impressions are that it’s in generally good shape. It ticks over at 1,500 (seems a bit high?) and the tickover is not steady but it’s been stood a while so the carbs will need cleaning etc. (Should be a Motoplat ignition?) The right hand side front disk brake is very poor, although the linked system is lovely. I suspect it has hardly ever been used and corroded.

However, the clutch slips, not badly just when you “give it some” There is free play in the cable so, I was wondering if there are pearls of wisdom to be had before I get down an dirty. e.g. Can a small block bell housing be washed out with methylated spirits in the same way a big block can?

Hi Lawrie,I think you’re right.The setup looks the same in terms of plates, seals etc just a bit smaller.I’vw found on the NTX that the cable entry & mechanism on top of the gearbox is prone to getting mucky.Best of luckSteve

if clutch is slipping that bad sounds like too much gearbox oil or poor adjustment on the pivot arm

Thanks both. I am assuming that the small blocks have a drain hole in the bottom of the bell housing. It was a 40 mile drive home yesterday and there are no drips so a gear oil leak is not my first suspect so I’ll go for dirt/corrosion and poor adjustment in round one and save gearbox oil seal for round two if I don’t get a KO before the bell.

Thanks both for the quick reply. I have to leave it there now and get my act together for working away from home next week

I’ve had a quick look and I can’t see a rectangular drain hole as on big blocks on my 650, not saying it hasn’t got one, just can’t see it.

my v65 sp slipped under load when I bought it I tried the white spirit trick and adjustment but it failed to cure it the previous owner had said it had a new clutch fiited in the end I removed the engine and gearbox which is very simple and found that it had indeed been fitted with a new clutch it still had the printed writing on the friction linning ! now we know why he sold it cheap any way it turned out to be the thrust bearing had broken up why it was not checked when they fitted the clutch I don’t know still a cheap fix but by all means eliminate the obvious first and good luckps I am in the bedford area if you need any help let me knowMick
mickandrita2013-02-24 12:29:20

NEVER use meths to clean a clutch or anything else WHITE SPIRIT is the stuff as it leaves no residue.

Before going to the clutch out hassle, try a clean out, then make sure all the adjustments are spot on, the handle bar AND at the back of the clutch.

The white spirit clean out really is a get you home trick to clean oil off the clutch, I had to do it once at a Scottish Rally it got me all the way home BUT still had to get it apart and put in a new clutch…

Wondering if anyone could confirm correct piston ring gap on ntx 650 with class a pistons and barrels. I managed to source two pairs usedd barrls and pistons after pistons bust in mine. Mechanic tells methe gap is bigger than he has seen, being 2mm instead of what he expected should be half a mm. Is this something peculiar to the ntx? If totally too wide can anyone recommend good source for rings? Cheers

Official guzzi NTX manual only gives gapping for the 350 engine and that is 0.25 to 0.45mm .I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that the 650 will be gapped in the same ball park as your mechanic guessed.Looks like your rings are shot …plenty of options in the links section for replacements.Was the bike running without air filters ?Chris