small block oil

im not going to start an other oil debate…!

but do early v35/v50 use the same oils as their bigger t3/3/5 cousins

I know the bevels are different and use 85W-140

I used to lob 20/50 mineral oil in my “Imola II”.
Used to ride it pretty hard too as a few Penninists can testify.
Ran it for a long time too couriering in the summers.

Simple answer to your question Iain, Yes.

downloaded a copy of the v35 / v50 maintanance manual and that shows AGIP SINT SAE 10W/40 not 20w50. Im confused now guzzi-t52013-12-16 19:01:55

mine ran leicster to lake district every weekend on 20/50

not a problem

Don’t get bogged down with oil, it would probably run on yak fat as long as the oil change interval wasn’t too long. I have always used 10W40, but others may well use a higher grade.In winter, a 10w40 will make easier starting as the oil is thinner when cold.A 20w50 will be a little thicker when hot, but unless you have worn bearings or pump, you should not have a problem with 10w40. But make sure it’s brown coloured (or occasionally green) and slippery.

Wot he said.

t5 loved halfords green and slippery :-)got some castrol 4t 10w40 semi for the moment, along with new filters and gearbox oil and the 85w140 bevil oil

Hi Iain
I use 10/40 in the small block bikes as recomended.
Also use it in big blocks, particularly in winter, as it flows better as noted above.
20/50 was recomended in the manuals of 1970s and even 1980s bikes as it was freely available. As lubricant technology has moved on and some manufacturers have tightened up machining tolerances recomendations have changed.
As you’ll gather oil can be a vexed issue and comes down to ‘taste’ and personal preference.
All the best

thanks steve, castrol semi 4t 10w40 looks ideal. noticed the t5 struggled to turn over on sat with a fully charged battery