software for stelvio

I was wondering what software you would recommend i don’t want to change the mapping on my bike but it would be handy to be able to reset the TPS when i service it. I bought the lead off ray1151 when i collected his Auxiliary fuel tank so now just need the software to load onto my laptop. I don’t want pirated stuff as I believe a man should be paid for his work and pirate software is theft pure and simple. any suggestion would be gratefully received with regards as to where to buy it and what I should expect to pay
Regards keith

Whoa Keith!
This could turn into an “oil thread”. GuzziDiag IMHO.

…and a set of these:

Yep - GuzziDiag is the way to go Keith

I bought the Lonlec leads to go with it and the only issue I had was a minor fiddle to find the right port on the Laptop so that it would talk to the bike.

For how to use GuzziDiag go here:-

I’ve only used mine to reset the TPS so far and it worked fine

I you change your mind and want maps, then Beetle on WildGuzzi has all the maps you could possibly need as far as I can tell. Go here:-

I use GuzziDiag when balancing the throttles and have also reset the CO trim for different silencers - very useful