Solo seat. HELP!!!!

Has anyone fitted the police type solo seat to a Tonti? (Convert)I have dug mine out from the shed and after eyeballing it, I cant see how it fits. Do I have to do some fabrication, or is there a kit - (still available)?

jmee542012-07-19 16:47:27

I’ve got to do this, think it will mean making brackets to bolt onto the top frame hooks.

I found this topic:

Also found this page again:

brunhilder has mentioned they have one on a T3 so should be able to help.
As does italianmotor.

Thanks for the links.

If you find any fittings anywhere let us know the botom of this link (above) is the underside view of a police solo seat.I have one, or at least thought I had!I bought the brackets and radio rails without checking and seem to have a different kettle of fish and a problem.The under side of my seat is different. Can anyone tell me what I have and offer a solution.See pics below.

That is weird, it’s got studs and nuts at odd angles (?)

How difficult would it be for you to trace the outline and holes of the police rail bracket and post a picture of the drawing?
Mike H2012-07-20 14:38:52

can do.

Having done a bit of looking, I think my seat might be from a loop frame Guzzi. So I am stuffed.Any one got a solo seat to sell or swap?

An older style loop? Could be

Yes please.

Mike H2012-07-22 13:50:09

Sorry Mike, meant to do it today, but been putting chicken wire up to keep the pup in. He suddenly discovered there was life the other side of the hedge!Pud about to arrive, I’ll see if I can do it after.

S’OK not urgent.

Ta muchly for offering to do it though but.

I am after a solo seat for a loop, would be interested in taking it off your hands- i also have a one off custom seat(solo) that i had made for my Ambo made from an Ambo base which is too modern looking for my taste, not sure if it would fit a Tonti but most things can be made to fit, let me know if your interested.