Some really good photos ....


That could eat a lot of time browsing through them!

Ta muchly, some nice images

Just found one of my photos of my Stornello in that collection! How did that get in there!

Post stuff on internet, it can be copied.

I do get credited as owning the photo. It must have been shared from my Flickr. Is this something that the site does automatically??

It’s an interesting one.
I stopped using hosting sites as I was finding my pictures posetd by others with no credit.
Maybe I should just be more generous :slight_smile:

Great mix of bikes and environments.
A good backdrop to an afternoon brew!

I have entered the photo above into the VMCC competition for next years calender so I might be Miss July 2020 :smiley:

“Don Spada” Poster boy and Pin up! :slight_smile:
I keep a look out.