Something really evil

So I’ve spent some time tearing apart my 1100 sport and rebuilding it replacing and renewing all the stuff that was annoying me.
Like to recommend Stein Dinse as a comprehensive and reasonably priced source of spares for anyone who’s not aware of them.
Also Amwell Blast Coat for the powder coating (North London).
Got bumped by the shock rebuilder so no recommendation there!
Thanks to the forum for helping me source the Mistral exhaust Xover and to Reboot for a very reasonably priced pair of cans that after shot and bead blasting and a coat or two of h.t. laquer look new.
The only bit I’m not happy with is (are) the cases. Years ago I used to be able to get concrete remover which cleaned anything up double quick, very satisfying fizz after application! I have been faffing about with various cleaners and degreasers without much luck.

Can someone recommend something really evil that removes caked on oil from cases needless to say without actually burning through them?


Oh yes please so I can clean my downpipes and get my lil’Breva back to respectable.

Try Stone Cleaner from B&Q. Solvents for restoring patios after BBQ.


Dilute hydrochloric acid, as noted above from B&QÂ

Elbow Grease…99p Home Bargains…

Ah elbow grease, is that next to the tartan paint?

No it actually exists, I may have to try it.

£7.48 at Toolstation, thanks I’ll give it a go.

Let us know how you get on.
I retire in 25 months and will have some time on my hands.

It is Dilute Hydrochloric Acid (as noted above) and in your product’s safety blurb  :smiley:

Reading that makes it certainly fill the OP’s criteria of something really evil.

Well I suppose I can wait, it’s not THAT dirty…

Man if you are waiting for me to clean someone else’s bike…

Just did the wire wheels on the Convert with Elbow Grease and a stiff wheel brush, quite impressive results but did not remove the heavy stuff on the sump as well.

Ask Ian to clean yours too, lovely fellah I’m sure he won’t mind :laughing:

That was slang for something different in the army and I was never so inclined. :slight_smile:

No way am I letting Dunmore near my sump, whatever his inclinations!