I received a letter from the DVLA yesterday saying that my bike is unlicensed. As it has been in boxes for a number of years and always on SORN, I was a little surprised. I tried to confirm SORN on line and entered the reference from my V5 and the reg number (as no tax reminder received with 16 digit number) and they can’t find my bike details. So I have requested a form from the DVLA to register SORN. I await the arrival of the form and see what information they want. I am not sure why this has come about, maybe it is because the last time it was taxed was 2001 (I thought it had only been off the road for 14 years!) how time flies.

Anyone else had this problem with the DVLA recently?

Got a nasty letter at work from the Motor Insurers database saying one of my vans was uninsured and threatening nasty things.
After a moments total panic phoned my insurance company who confirmed the van is insured and they would “sort it out”
Called the MID and they were rude bordering on aggressive and very unhelpful - it was “a data drop”?!?!?
I asked if it would come up on ANPR cameras and they said yes.
When I said that the van was insured and it would be very inconvenient if it was pulled over they said tough
Checked on their website next day and it had been updated.
Interestingly the insurance renewal was the beginning of March and the van has been driving around London everyday since without a pull. Maybe those ANPR cameras aren’t as good as they say??

Similar sorn situation here, bike has been off the road for years, (could be the longest rebuild in history), always up to date with the sorn, or so we thought, received a letter saying it wasn’t sorned since April and they would be getting in touch :open_mouth:

Exactly the same with me, bike off road for a number of years (another long rebuild) and thought I had it on sorn, letter arrives in the post yesterday telling me it’s not and that I need to, went on line and sorted it without issue.

I think they changed it a few years ago, once you sorned a vehicle you do not need to do it every year
certainly my Morris Oxide has not come back up
however I did get an email about my VED on the guzzi, I pay monthly by direct debit and they sent me a from about it
probably as its the start of the year for taxing it
I dont think the left hand knows what the right is doing in SA99

I tried to do it on line but the reference in my V5 failed to be recognised, so I have requested they send me the form to declare SORN. I can feel a trip to the main Post Office in the near future or a vehicle inspector coming here, even though I have had both before. :unamused:

I’ve one bike that is still pre-SORN. That is, the last time I had it taxed was so far back that I don’t have to make an annual declaration. I understand that this is legal and that my V5 is still valid, and the reasonably valuable (3 numbers, 3 letters) number plate is still transferable.

I’ve never yet received a chaser for that one.

Everything else I have to tax or SORN annually, and most everything I have to pay for I take off the road for the salting season and claim a refund.

Charming! :astonished:

I get to see the other side of MID – in as much as I’m working in IT service for insurers. On the motor side they are contractually obliged to provide updates on policies to MID within very specific timescales; if they miss those then penalties are involved. MID is the final word – so if you buy a policy and they fail to provide the update then if the police pull you up during that period they will view you as driving uninsured.

No excuse for them to be snotty mind.

I have today received from the DVLA form V890, I have filled in the details and returned as instructed. We will see what happens next…

Just got a sorn through, it runs from the start of May. ?..not sure what happens about the missing month

That month is when the bike gets spotted by number plate recognition cameras on the M25 whilst the bike is in boxes, in bits, in your shed! :confused:

I have received a letter from those nice people at the DVLA confirming that the bike is SORN. It has been SORN for 20 years but they have now caught up with their own records. Good result really as there was a chance that they would think it was a bitsa (which it is) and want it crushed, or so the prophet of doom around here has decided :confused: