Sourcing a 3 pin connector

I have been trying to source a replacement 3 pin connector that connects the speedo sensor to the loom as the wiring is a bit suspect and I can’t remove the pins to redo the joint.

Does anyone know of anywhere?

It’s the dirty one that I am after but a pair will be fine.

3 pin Molex? Check Vehicle Wiring Products, maybe. HTH

I have has another look on their site, didn’t spot this shape, however I did find a seller on ebay that has the panel mount 3 pin in stock (ordinary one out of stock currently)

MOLEX connector set - Standard 0.093" 1 - 15 pin (Free- Hanging or Panel Mount) | eBay

Have purchased one - so thanks for the hint :+1:


FWIW - the Molex extractor pin tool comes up on eBay occasionally. Just one of those tools that saves a ton of tears!

For future ref: Gutsibits are are a good source of such bits and pieces

Once back home on a decent sized screen, I checked VWP and drew a blank, too, but am pretty sure i’ve got them from there in the past. Good for all sorts of wiring goodies, though and well worth ‘book-marking’.

That looks very much like a Lucas Rist Connector?
You can usually buy the male and female connectors to replace the old ones if they are past their best.

Molex connectors are used in PCs, so PC parts suppliers will have them, as well as general electronics suppliers like RS.

Managed to get the connectors from Towzatronics (as recommended by someone on the forum)

MOLEX connector set - Standard 0.093" 1 - 15 pin (Free- Hanging or Panel Mount)

The pins are shown separated, but come joined together, which requires breaking the joiner