SP 1000 1978

Hi all
I am new to the forum having just purchased a 1978 1000 SP in boxes !!
This is a project I’ve wanted to do for some time. Restoring an older bike.
So any tips would be welcome.
I intend to start getting the frame stripped and powder coated then start on the engine.
Firstly does anyone have any suggestions where i could get the engine looked over and parts replaced / restored and anything i should look out for ?
Also i would like the engine casing restored to look like new or even better. Again any recommendations or suggestions.
My plan was to get the frame done install the engine and complete the rebuild from there.
Look forward to receiving any responses and thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum. I’ve got a 78 Spada that I bought back in 89. Great bikes.
Where abouts in the country are you?
There are a couple of recommended Guzzi guys. Baldricks Workshop in Leatherhead or Nigel at NBS in Stafford, plus others about that may suit your location better. Engine cleaning is a tricky one. You can’t blast it unless you are completely stripping and rebuilding. I have heard plenty of people recommending painting it with silver engine paint. The muck and crud washes off in future.

I use an old trick, non-bio washing powder mixed with fairy liquid to form a paste. Spread it all over and work it into all the crevices and between fins etc. with an old tooth brush. Leave to stand for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with a hose and stiff brush, getting all of the oil, grease and road dirt off and the aluminium casings looking much better, it works for me! If you want it gleaming then water blasting as Don said but you will have to strip the engine. Good luck!

Thanks for the response. Greatly appreciated. I am based in Kent. Leatherhead is not that far unless there is anywhere closer.

Thanks Chris
Where the heck did you get that trick ?
Will give it a try.
I will more than likely get the engine stripped down.

I know a guy in Chatham with a few Guzzi’s. I have asked him if he knows of any mechanics that know their way around a Guzzi engine. He says Bowens at Luton road Chatham,were a main dealer, might be worth a call.
Edit, another suggestion… Barney’s bike’s the other end of Luton road

Thanks for the info

From a friend of mine who used to work as a mechanic for the Essex Police looking after the bikes, it is a quick and cheap method as long as you do not have an issue with washing loads of detergent down the drains! The paste draws the oil and dirt from the aluminium and is then easy to wash off.
Have fun! :smiley: