Spacer GU91180709 dimensions wanted

Hi all,

Could anyone please tell me the dimensions of the spacer used in the headlamp fastening assembly?

I know the ID is M6, just need the diameter and depth please.

Number 12 in the parts PDF.

Many thanks,

for which Moto Guzzi?


Silly me! I forget others don’t have telepathic powers hahaha.

For me it’s the Sport 1100i, but it’s Piaggio and used on mudguards.

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Mudguard spacer on Bellagio 940 as well as headlamp spacer on Sport 1100i :innocent:

that’s a single piece, used on the 1200’s too.

AP8152268 M5x16
AP8152302 M5x12

might have been a bit hasty :frowning:

BOCCOLA 6.25X10X11.5 MOTO GUZZI – GU30576100 | eBay

dimension from advert 6.25X10X11.5 p/no GU30576100

Just have to search for something like this

M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 NYLON TOP HAT Insulating Washers (Shoulder) | eBay

but probably metal :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian, I couldn’t find the dimensions on any website I looked at.

All sorted now. I bought spacers, so case closed.
Thanks :innocent: