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Hi AllI recently bought an exhaust system from Reeboot for my 78 spada only to find now i come to fit it that the H piece is too narrow to let the silencers link up with the rear fixing, it appears the only way to do it will be to cut the cross pipe and add a piece in, any body know where i can get a piece of 38mm i/d pipe from?Dave

Before you do any cutting check a few things

The headers are on the correct sides they ARE Left and righthanded

Leave headers loose and pop the H on to them(This may sound nuts but bear with me) the LONG bit of the H goes to the back and for some aftermarket silencers needs trimming down

The silencers have more than one way of fixing to the rear mounts.

I have had an H piece that required a fitting bracket to fit the mount others fitted direct one time I even had a go witht he fitments they used on Nortons, the rubber bushes to help decrease vibration.

Never had an H pipe not wide enough tho’

If what you bought is supposed to fit a 78 Spada then it should fit. By how much is it out?

Appendix ~ what GB said

I thought i was the only one that Ended up in this type of situation.

Now having read the thread , You have had some pretty sound advice there.

Should you still require upsizing or downsizing,b.html

guzzibear2013-05-27 11:35:41

The same problem came up recently. Have a read of this:- distance between the pipes should be about 282mm inside to inside. The system is a tight fit and does require a lot of patience to get it fitted correctly The balance pipe must sit tight up behind the bell housing.

Yes, as a guide, the silencers clamp on about the first inch or so of the fat pipe of the ‘H’ section, this pretty much locates where the front ends of the ‘H’ will end up on the downpipes.

Congrats to the technical section, after a couple of hours fiddling my exhaust now fots as tho’ its always been there, dont ask me how but it fits!!!Thanks to allDave

There ya go, super

Nice one. Patience and perseverance wins. The trick is getting the balance pipe well up at the rear of the bell housing.

Well done Dave saved you cutting and welding innit!

Sometimes it’s like a Chinese puzzle, sometimes it just goes on almost by itself