Spada forks

Just got a pair of Spada III 40mm fork stanchions rechromed and trying to put them back together noticed they were oversize and wouldnt go in to the lower leg sliders… Just trying to get in contact with the company that did the work but it seems they are on holidays.

Question… Should I give them an exact tolerance for the stanchion or just send the complete forks to them?? Is saying 40mm good enough? Anyone got an exact measurement within a quarter of a thou?

Thanks all…

According to the manual, found here, the stanchion diameter should be between 39.95 and 39.975 mm.


Cheers Brian

Brian beat me to that one as the bearing bushes on guzzi are the bit thats 40mm the stantions are always smaller
you have to buy the proper fork seals as well as they are made undersize
the standard one will seal but they are loose the correct seals for my Spadathat has 35mm forcks are acually 34.75mm bore

My Spada (old model) hasn’t got any bushes, its just the chrome stanchion that runs in the lower fork leg

must have some form of bush in the lower leg to support the stantion unless they are machined direct into the lower stantion.

Thanks lads. As Don said there are no bushings in the leg lowers on these. They are machined to just take the stanchions…