Spada front mudguard stays

I want to fit stainless mudguards but the T3 mounts don’t fit the spada front forks.
I am thinking of getting a stay made by using a spada/ le mans 111 mudguard as a template.
Alternatively I could buy a fork brace, drill 4 holes in it and hang the mudguard from it.
Any one got any suggestions?

What’s up with the stock plastic one? Which I always thought was quite good TBH.

A, I don’t have one.
B, it’s got footboards so going for the T3 almost California look.
C, I like shiny (not too shiny) things

Says it’s an SP on the logbook, previous owner thought it was a G5, it was a dogs dinner when I got it, only the engine frame and wheels were serviceable.

OK fair enough. :smiley:

As you’ve found out, it’s not just a case of a straight swap over. Ideally needs T3 fork lowers with the necessary mounting points.

Or make something! :smiley:

You need the assistance of a fabricator/welder. Stainless stays are quite easy to make if you have the right tools. Bending small diameter tube is a problem as it will collapse unless it is supported in a former. By collapse I mean that the tube will fold with the two opposite sides touching and then it will only be fit for the bin. I had problems with this trying to make stainless steel grab bars for my 750S replica, so they were made from solid bar, look good but weigh a lot. I now have a decent pair of chrome ones.

My suggestion would be to alter the ends of the stays you can get from a similar bike with a stainless mudguard, these will be chrome plated mild steel, and alter the ends to fit your forks. Then get them re-chromed. The fork brace idea is good but you would need at least two fixing points to stop the guard from moving. I bought a stainless guard from a Nevada and that fits my Marzocchi forks no problem with two fixings each side. I will dig it out and post a photo.

Best of luck

I fitted a stainless guards front and rear on my Spada using 1000s brackets for the front.
T3 ones don’t work as they are designed for front munted calipers and need an extra lug on the rear of the fork leg. The other option is a pair of T4 brackets if you can find them.

Spada April 20 by Don West, on Flickr

Thanks Don, that’s exactly the answer I was looking for.
They seem to be like hens teeth but will keep looking and if nothing turns up I’ll get one made.
Over to the wanted section…

Don’t know if you could use something like this, or make something similar in stainless, preferably with a couple of tabs to match the Guzzi mudguard fixing holes.

photos added above

Yep, they look nice. I have the same on my Harris Bonneville (19 inch front wheel so wouldn’t suit a Spada). I think they were fitted to the Nevada or Florida amongst other bikes of that era.

Pitsford by Don West, on Flickr

I need to polish mine!

You need the rear stay from a G5. They’re a bit like hen’s teeth but are out there if you keep looking.