Spada LMII fork sliders interchangable


I have just fubared my LHS fork slider on the Spada. I was torqueing up the pinch bolt for the spindle up when the fork casting gave way.

Have lucked out so far on sourcing a replacement. But have found a LM II fork slider does anyone know if the LMII and the Spada NT fork sliders are interchangable?

will have a lower fork slider for a spada spare

GwenI would have thought a LeMans 2 slider would fit, they are both 35mm forks with P8 callipers and 300mm discsThis is assuming the NT is just a dressed up original Spada SP1000. The SP11 is different as that has 38mm forks and 270mm discs.

Gwen, if you are still looking for a Spada slider have a complete set of tatty forks inherited from “Chopper” Tim, dampers dubious and sliders painted yellow but they seem OK, any use?Cheers, Gerry.

Mk 2 LM & Spada sliders are interchangeable. I swapped my Spada sliders with some super duper mirror polished LM Mk2 sliders I bought off ebay last year. Straight replacements with no issues.

Cheers all. Looks like I have got hold of a set of sliders OK.

make sure the fork tube size is same, and brake caliper mounts are in same position before you buy