Spada rear caliper alignment

A slight technical hitch on the rebuild.A completely rebuilt P09 Spada rear caliper, with new Ferodo pads, slides easily over the new rear disc. But when the bolts holding the caliper to its mounting brackets are fully tightened, the disc binds.It dosn’t lock up, but is stiff to turn.I have checked to make sure the caliper is central and it dosn’t look off centre.I have checked that the pistons are fully seated, but as I say, with the bolts loose, its free enough.I’m tempted to let it run, and bed in, but how hot will it get before it finds its clearance?My guess is that the caliper mounting bracket is sightly bent. There was no sign of drag when I got the bike, but the pads were well worn and may have just settled in.

If you look in a manual these calipers use spacing washers to align the caliper I bet it is only brushing on one side

Some idiot used a disc lock on the back wheel and forgot it. Found the same on my Spada III, bracket was bent, but pads had worn to the required shape so did not bind. New pads did.OK when the bracket was replaced.

Yes. That could well be the cause. Having fiddled with it a bit more, it seems some 0.5mm shims will ease the problem. I borrowed them from the front caliper, now Just need to order another pair.g5er2013-04-27 11:16:28

There ya go! Yes calipers often have to be shimmed. If I remember rightly there’s 0.5mm and 0.8mm sizes. I think. You say rebuilt, is it the same caliper that came off the bike originally?

my t5 has same probs. I had a fraction machined of the outer pad to solve it

A pair of 0.5mm shims borrowed from the fronr caliper fixed the problem. Now I need another pair of shims. And quick! Found a solution: 10mm Wavy Washers from Middleton Stainless are just about 0.5mm thick. So They are on their way.
g5er2013-04-29 11:25:52

Reeeesult, I wonder if you did what I did the very first time the shims (Washers to me) dropped out and I kinda ignored them , 'till I put the caliper back and i rubbed then Oooh thought I must need the shims, which were, of course still on the floor.

learning all ze time yaaah!