Spada UJ Fitting problem.

I’m in the process of replacing the UJ on my Spada. All has gone smoothly, new carrier bearing & circlip fitted etc, except that I cannot fit the brand new UJ to the output shaft or driveshaft on my bike. The old UJ slides easily onto both shafts splines, the new one (from Sein-Dinse) will not fit between the splines on either the output or driveshaft, it appears that the gap between the splines is too small & no amount of grease makes any difference.

Before I contact SD & complain I wanted to make sure I’m not missing something obvious or doing something wrong. Any ideas or suggestions will be most welcome.

Sounds like a dud one, the only different splines on the Tonti models are on the back end of the Convert shaft. You may have been sent a UJ for the V11/1100 Sport, think they have finer splines but they look a lot different.
Cheers, Gerry.Â

Thanks for that, you have confirmed what I was thinking. I wanted to make absolutely sure I hadn’t missed anything. I have sent an email to Stein-Dinse & await their response. I wish I’d used Gutsibits they would have been easier to deal with.

Sent SD an email outlining the problem. Slightly disappointingly they have asked me to return the UJ for inspection. This is fine but it would have been better if in addition to that they sent out a replacement straight away. I’m a long standing customer who has never complained or returned anything previously. Sending the UJ to them & then having them send another back is going to take over a week,maybe nearer to two, when I was hoping to be back on the road today. A great example of when the cheapest option is also the most expensive. :smiley:

I’ve just rebuilt mine. Saves a bit of money, and all the yokes are retained. Not too difficult if you’re methodical. I used the little press at work, but can be done in a vice.

I got the kits from IMS in Birmingham.


Rebuilt mine as well , a fairly easy task once you get into it , got my bearings from my local bearing factor ,very reasonable prices too , i also used a vice .

Yes rebuilding sounds like a good idea. I will be saving my old one with this in mind. The main problem I have with this is no access to a press.

Have done some before using a good old Polish 5" vice and some tube offcuts plus the odd socket, no problems.

If it’s as easy as this sounds I might well have a go without the press.

Shame I don’t have any dodgy old UJs left, could do an illustrated guide for Gambalunga.

Happy to donate mine, if I can have it back after the successful rebuild & associated article. :smiley:

 SD seem to have become a cash and carry website with attitude to customer service to match. I had a problem with a gearbox sleeve from them which wouldn’t fit- they told me it was a known problem! they didn’t tell me before I bought though!
Their clutch kit was also poor quality and failed after 12000 miles  ( for T3)  I think Gutsibits were selling the same kit though.

I have always been very impressed with SD until now but I think you maybe right… The UJ they sold me is clearly faulty (the splines don’t appear to have been machined correctly & won’t fit either the drive or output shafts) but rather than accepting the word of a long standing customer & sending a replacement straight away they want to inspect the faulty UJ. I would have returned the bad UJ anyway but sending it back before they send me another is just adding days to the total I’m off the road.

The problem with these UJ’s isn’t uncommon either. On the Wildgoose forum Curtis Harper of stateside Guzzi specialists Harpers says that he has returned a dozen to his supplier in the last year because of the same issue. Harpers clearly has better quality control than SD.