Span adjustable brake lever wanted - V7 850

Hi. The standard front brake lever on my 2022 V7 850 is a bit far from the handlebar for my small hands. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket span adjustable lever? I’d be interested to know what brands are good as the MG one is £100 - that’s crazy money.

did a quick look on fleabay, obviously you need to checking you are happy with what you see - plenty of options.

Black Gold Long CNC Brake Clutch AVDB levers Pair MOTO GUZZI V7 850 KZ 2021-2022 | eBay

From France

happy searching & shopping

Thanks Brian. I’ll take a look. I’m just a bit wary of having a brake lever that’s made in China as I wouldn’t want it to bend or break when it’s most needed.

I know what you mean :slight_smile:

The Breva 750, same era Nevada and V7 Classic accepted the Yamaha Fz600, Faser 6, Fazer 8, MT07 or MT09 lever which had span adjustment. Don’t know about later MG.

Thanks for that info. It’s interesting that another manufacturer’s levers fit the MG. I guess that they both use the same parts supplier for those ‘general’ bits. The only fly in the ointment is knowing which other manufacturer and bike model has the same levers as the V7 850. I could end up spending a lot of money buying various levers to experiment with.