Spares parts for my Cali

Please can someone advise where to go for ‘simple’ spares for my 1995 Cali ??

I need a replacement spring for a rear footrest

Tom (the highland Canary)

personally, i’d always start with a partslist:

for example, here: MOTO GUZZI Onderdeelboeken

and armed with part numbers, I’d then -talk- to Gutsibits:

Another recommendation for Gutsibits. They have become the go to place for older Guzzi parts. Ebay is the other option.
I am slightly confused by springs for the rear footrests? I don’t think my slightly earlier Cali 3 has any springs in the rear footrests.

I am only presuming a spring has sprung as one of the rear footrests performs as I suspect is should - sits up when positioned and lies flat when needed. The other simply flops flat at all times and cannot be set in an upright position.

Forgive my simplicity - must try to look up in the manual

Love the site - thank you, I am sure it will help a lot in the future


Try tightening up the bolt that passes through the alloy casting and footrest, then lock it in place with the lock nut. If it still flops down, try inserting a thin washer between the footrest and the casting, then put the pivot bolt back in place.


Dear Don,

I;m not sure how you knew, but that is exactly what I have just done and it worked !! The only difference now between the originally ‘correct’ foot rest and the originally ‘errant’ one is that the ‘correct’ also has a piece of waxed paper between the casting and the washer . It maybe something to do with a previous owner changing over the exhaust boxes.

Clearly my many years of spannering is now wasted with Guzzi technology !!!

Many thanks for your help - would still like to figure out how it works with just a washer …


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