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Hi all. Hope this finds everyone well.
I have a 2000/1 Cali 1100 special. Has anyone tried Iridium spark plugs, if so how did you find them? Are they worth it? If they are how do you get the right ones?

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Work well on my 1100i Quita engine.

Thanks. Will give them a try once I find the right ones

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If it were me, I’d just go to the Gutsibits site and type in “spark plugs”, filtered by “model: Cali 1100” - but maybe call them if I was still in any doubt.

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Bought a pair of NGK iridium plugs from Green Spark Plug Co for £22 yesterday. Significantly cheaper than EBay. There would be P&P to add to that if you’re not local to Middlewich in Cheshire. I have never had a problem with any of their products in the past 20 years.

Hi Russ

They are a good cheap ‘upgrade’ Correct for your bike, BPR6EIX

Regards, Nik


Gutsibits know their stuff, but I have been using standard BP6’s since the 80’s- no problem. Gap/ dress them a few times then replace- more because I feel guilty of not spending much money on the plugs. Have flirted with posh (exotic) replacements but not really noticed much difference in performance or longevity so back to standard.

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Hi Russ I have replaced these on my California EV 1100 2005 as mine has fuel injection a month ago and boy are they good and well worth the money as apparently they never need replacing but just to check the gap 7mm - it seems that I get a lot better spark and power delivery quicker.

Good luck

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Thanks mate. Got some, not had chance to put them in yet.

First couple of 100 mile runs and some pottering on the 1100iT3 and there is a noticeable difference in starting (fewer spins of the engine), pick up from low rpm and a crisper feel at all throttle openings.

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1100iT3 Thats sounds interesting!!!

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A butchered/customised T3 with a seized motor, a crashed Quota and a chap with imagination. Lots of random bits like Renthsl bars, Lucas lookalike headlight and a Wessons seat.
Nice to ride​:+1::it::motorcycle:

Bit like me taking a mouldy LeMans II and making into a V7 sport, sort of!

Got any bits left over from the Quota as i have one of those as well!


Sadly the build was by someone on the south coast of the UK several years ago.

There are lots of us out there, my 850T now looks like a 750S and has a 950 Le Mans spec lump. So easy to do with a long run of models with the same frame/crank case/gearbox etc.

Nice looking bike Nik :+1:

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Maybe it’s time to start a 750s tribute thread, 1100 sport i motor in this one👍

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Feel free to start one - in the appropriate category. this is, after all, a thread on ‘spark plugs’. Recommend: General Discussion.

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