Special tools for Stelvio Clutch change

Hi all,
I need to replace the clutch assembly on my Stelvio and our local Moto Guzzi Importer does not have the special tools mentioned in the Manual. (I know that raises some questions in itself but cannot be fixed quickly).
Has anyone out there replaced a clutch assembly on a CARC model of motorcycle and if so did you use the special tools and if not how did you manage?
The main question revolves around the special tool, part number 020678Y which is used to determine the length of the clutch pushrod required. There are four different push rod lengths available and upon replacing the clutch it is necessary to use the special tool to determine which one is required. two other tools are mentioned, these being 020672Y Clutch Spring Compressor Insert and a clutch alignment tool. I think that we may be able to do without the last two but the push rod length tool must be essential, I feel.
If anyone has the dimensions of the tool I can get one made, which would be a great help.

I look forward to any, and all, replies



Hello Phil
Sorry, can’t help with the clutch tool, but interested to know why you are having your clutch replaced.
I have been considering replacing the clutch on my 2013 Stelvio as it has been a terrible ‘groaner’ and very grabby when the engine is cold since new, but the cost puts me off.


David W

Hi, would it be easier to use a different dealer

Hi Musto777,

It is not that easy here in South Africa. The Importer is the only dealer and he does not have the tool.



Try posting on GRiSO Ghetto lots of high grade Aussie knowledge about the CARC engines there and they are quite forgiving of non-GRiSO requests

I seem to think that there was an article in Gambalunga a couple of years back, someone changing a Breva 1100 clutch. Roger might be able to help.

The length of the rod will determine how far the clutch release bearing on the end of the gearbox (think that is it’s name) pokes out or not.

This will make a difference depending on which type of clutch slave cylinder you have (also known as a command …)

A dodge that you can do is to put in an extra radial bearing in the clutch release bearing assembly, they are about £3 to "push the piston out a bit more (useful if you have the large piston slave cylinder)

If you are able to check the amount of protrusion or depression when you remove the slave cylinder from the back of the gearbox you can get a good idea if you may need to get a shorter rod before you start.