Speedo cable.

Cali 2. The Speedo cable length seems barely long enough, no matter how I route it. Are there any longer cables out there that would fit this model? Anyone else had this issue? Ta.

The question has to be asked: do you have a standard set up? do you have a ‘standard’ cable?

Faced with a similar dilemma, a few years back, I found the Gutsibits listings helpful because they included some dimensions. Harpers did, too, I think. A bit of jiggling, a bit of measuring, and I ended up with a cable that worked on my bike. Sold the one that didn’t quite work on eBay, for the money that the right one cost me, so all is good.

Bear in mind that you likely can’t find the exact OEM part now, and any pattern part (whatever the quality) will probably have been templated off a customer bike, which may or may not have the exact same config as your own. Note well, when it comes to buying brake line “kits”.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll get the tape measure out and see what Guzzibits has or Harper’s? Never used them, cheers.

Harpers is US-based. If in the UK, they can still be a good reference for what fits what.


The correct Speedo Cable for the Cali 2 (Part No 28760410) has an outer length of 44.2" although commonly fitted in mistake with a 28760450 which is a 1" shorter. The next longer Speedo Cable is 47.5" (Part No 37760405) which fits the Daytona RS / Sport 1100i

Regards, Nik


“The correct Speedo Cable for the Cali 2…” …in standard configuration. (o;

The bike is standard, wether the cable is standard is another matter! Not had a chance to get to garage yet, work gets in way of play!!