Speedo Calibration

As some of you will know I have changed out my OE dash for a TransLogic Micro Dash.

All good so far and now I have sorted the basics, I want to fine tune things in.

My model is a 2003 naked sport (suspect it is actually a 2002).

I am running a 180/55/17.

To calibrate the speedo I have to tell the clocks when the rear wheel is doing 30mph.

To do this initially, I left the OE speedo connected and used that as the standard.

To me this feels like the speed is exaggerate and certainly my MPG seems rather good since the change out.

The dash self calibrates the revs of the timing circuit and returns a number of different options for different engine configurations.

Therefore I am pretty confident that the dash revs are accurate.

If some kind person could provide me with the revs the bike would have to do to achieve 30mph in 4th gear, I am confident that this will be a more reliable method.

Also the engine revs at 60mph in 6th for a second check.

Yours dawdling around below the speed limits (I hope)


going for a ride tomorrow, will try and remember!

Thinking of a more calculated speed, rather than an indicated on another speedo with built in errors. Thanks though. Cabernet2014-09-05 20:35:54

OK I can take my GPS too

That’ll work.