Speedo drive lubrication

Hi Folks. I am now putting the front end back together on my 750 Targa. I am trying to work out how to lube the speedo drive unit which runs off the front wheel. There is a small nipple on top of the drive but I can’t work out how to get lube into it or what to use. Can anybody help please? A standard greese gun doesn’t seem to fit.
gogoguzzi2013-03-02 11:12:41

If you can’t use the nipple why not just grease it liberally before assembly?

I haven’t taken it apart on the basis that, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Whilst it is off the bike, it seems wise to lube it and there is clearly a nipple for this but, it isnt a greese nipple, just a small ball bearing that is spring loaded. It seems it was put there to facilitate lubrication but I dont know how.

if it is the same as a V50 item then it will be a good idea to take it apart clean it and recrease it, think there is a circlip to be removed first, this item is not cheap if you ever need to buy new!!!ones do come up on e-bay now and again but sometimes even second hand they go for around £30+, but there have been speedo drives on e-bay which have had no bidsGutsibits (Huddersfield) have one for £30. when I had a V50 I would remove, clean and recrease the speedo drive at least once a year,

northwest2013-03-03 19:30:47

One of the old style bike greae guns fit those size nipples, Sometimes with older Guzzis you have to think what was available to use in the 70-80’s and before as some of the cycle parts were designed well before that.

I have a small grease gun about half the size of a small pushbike air pump, made in brass really old and it fitted the grease nipple on the V50 speedo drive and one on the Virago, I just pumped Lithium grease into it till the old gungs came out followed by clean stuff, messy but easy enough.

This grease gun also gets into the grease nipples on the UJ and other places…I found it at a car boot sale years ago. Nowadays classic auto jumbles and the like.

Some time ago Paul and Serena were up here and we popped to a local car boot he found an old brass fire extinguisher which he snapped up for a period rebuild he was doing at the time

Many thanks, that’s very helpful. I feel an ebay search coming on. Best regards, Geoff