Sport 1200 headlight

Currently trying to work out whether my headlight is functioning correctly in that dipped beam appears to be on all the time even when full beam is operating. I have tried to work thro` the wiring diagram which suggests the lights relay does indeed put a permanent live onto the dipped beam filament once the engine is running however I thought only the headlight flasher put both beams on at the same time. All switches appear to be functioning properly and the high beam warning light also works as it should, any thoughts would be much appreciated or even confirmation that only one beam should be on at a time.


I’ll check mine to see what it does

just checked, dip stays on when on main beam

Many thanks for that Brian I have been looking for a fault that wasn`t there, now just need to source a double projector LED headlight, almost certainly after market as the Guzzi item has an eye watering price even second hand


Hi Chris

Been a while since I last logged in! did you end up with projector lights?

I found that the dip beam was prety good as standard but the main beam was rubbish even with a 100W bulb in, I also managed to clean the “lense” of the main beam but that didn’t make much difference So I ended up with some small LED spotlights.

My headlight whilst not original works quite well, however since rebuilding this bike I quickly found that sourcing an original was going to be extremely expensive. I reckon that the original headlights must be amongst the most expensive ever produced and I have read on many forums that they are not brilliant even when new. At the minute I am still looking for a LED double projector headlight that I can fit into a standard 7" bowl. It sounds easy but the LEDs need more breathing space to dissipate heat and a standard bowl doesn`t appear to have the room needed.
I am now trying to fathom whether I can rewire the headlight to only have one beam at a time on so that I could at least fit a H4 high power bulb to a standard lense. My bikes are sorned until the end of the month so I have a fortnight to figure it out but at least the bikes usable albeit with a poor headlight.