Spot the difference

Same bike, Same rider, Same Track 4 years apart.
Sport the difference to the bike and rider, just for fun.

So far I can see helmet, knee sliders, track day sticker, indicators and handlebars, as a starter.

Looks like Cadwell Mountain, hope you had fun.

Thanks 5 of at least 12. It is the mountain at Cadders.

From what I see Kevin … You are not trying too hard … When I had a go on that beast …. I managed to get BOTH wheels off the ground …!! Admittedly, it was “involuntary” … But, I distinctly recall TWO wallops to my nether regions when I landed … !! Regards, Tony

Bear in mind these pics may have been taken at rotation, i.e. just prior to takeoff!

I wish!

But you’re a top rider to which I aspire. Love to see you let rip with the beast.

Didn’t get any of my loop’s wheels off the ground over the Mountain, but then it does have a slightly adverse power-weight ratio, especially with the panniers and touring screen.

Head protectors
Knee slider
Brake rotors
Brake hoses

Good call Oldrat.
Other than the track day stickers SomeLemon mentioned, there is one more “just” in sight.

Sorry, you’ve got me, I can’t see anything else :question: