Squealing Brakes

Hi. My 2018 V9 Roamer which has done just over 7000 miles has developed a loud, annoying brake squeal. The bike has recently been dealer serviced and I mentioned this. However it has come back just the same. Any suggestions >

Copper grease in the right place used to work on cars years ago, I did a quick search and found now people recommend Mintex Ceratec or ATE plastilube instead.

Very carefully and conservatively apply to back of the pad/locating lugs making sure none touches any pad friction material either on the front or through any holes in pad, and obviously never get any on the disk.

Well, that can work too. By transferring the squealing to the rider (o:


I will / have never used copper grease on the back of brake pads. it was an urban myth and now even some “experts” promote it. The copper grease suppliers also like to recommend it. Or as Mandy Rice Davies would have said “they would say that wouldn’t they” Check the package supplied by EBC and it states plainly do not use any grease. The problem is often caused by glazing of the pads and or the disc. This can be due to frequent light brake application. The cure. On a dry road, checking it is safe to do so accelerate to over fifty miles per hour and make a hard application of the brakes down to say twenty miles per hour. Repeat this action a dozen times or so. If that doesn’t fix it then check that there isn’t a build up of dirt in the caliper. Remove the pads and give it all good squirt of brake cleaner and then reassemble. Another reason to not use (grease copper or otherwise) is that it will hold dust and turn into any small pocket into claggy heaven and so it will need to be cleaned more often.


Agreed. I’ve always sorted it with a decent clean and for the reasons stated grease and brake friction should be kept separate.

Sound is generated by vibration and in the case of squeaky brakes be it motorcycle, car or even pushbike it’s usually caused by the pad vibrating against the disc or piston or both, a smear of copperslip or similar on the back of the pad is enough to deaden the vibration. I know many will disagree but I’ve been using this method for 60years and it works for me every time.

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The usual reason for squealing brakes is non OEM pads , but sometimes a cure can be had by chamfering the leading edge of the pad and then deglazing the friction surface with rough grade sandpaper.


hi all having read all the opinions so far my two-pennce worth would be an mix of whats been said already! firstly the de-glazing procedure is a sound idea in its own right! but using copperslip on the back of the pads imho is also sound if done correctly!!!? problems usually arise when FAR TO MUCH IS USED CARELESSLY! a really light film just to keep the surfaces apart is more than enough!! and only has to go in the centre of the pad backing nowhere near the edges ( common sense applys here really!) again a good clean with spray brake cleaner whilst disassembled to evict any dust and debris prior to the above should cure most issues, be sure to on occasion and when safe to do so back quite hard to glaze bust on a ongoing process! final thoughts are for some reason on the bike that i had issues with(NON-GUZZI I MIGHT ADD!) a change to organic compound pads made a lot of difference( along with the above cured the problem!) best of luck with it all!./
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soory put back quite hard in stead of BRAKE quite hard! DOH!!!