Stainless steel 8 valve rocker cover bolts

I am looking into getting a batch of stainless steel 8 valve rocker cover bolts made and need to know how many members would be interested. If there is sufficient demand then I will go ahead and have a batch made, any one who says that they want a set will get them at cost plus P&P. Once I know what size batch I should get made then I can confirm the price and will take deposits. Please let me know if this is something you would like They will be CNC machined out of a quality grade of stainless steel with a machined and linished finish which will be suitable for polishing if required, but other wise will be identical dimensions to the genuine Moto Guzzi bolts
Please Pm me with your details if interested
Regards Keith 8 Valve Eagle2013-10-03 11:55:02