Having had a flat tyre on my 1200 Sport earlier this week (pulled a nice little nail out of the centre of the carcass). I encountered the problem of removing the rear wheel without a main stand being on my bike. Luckily I was at home at the time. As many of you know, removing the wheel itself on the CARC bikes, once you have the rear of the bike (and aforementioned wheel) off the ground, is very straightforward. However unless you have a bike work bench or other specialist device or have a main stand fitted to the bike itself, jacking the rear end up isn’t easy. I didn’t want to jack the bike up under the exhaust cat and the suspension linkage area seemed the only alternative. I’m wondering how others with CARC equipped bikes get around this problem?

I should add, I’m thinking of buying one of those small scissor type platforms that cost about £70, but I’d be interested to hear your views on the subject.coolonthecoast2013-05-10 14:20:47

Yep, I use a seeley bike lift, I made a platform which goes under the sump has a cut out for the exhaust collector and a block that the rear linkage sits on. It’s just a matter of building up the bits with ply to get the bike sitting level and secure.
Easy job to do the wheels etc but you still have to do oil changes with the bike on the floor.

I found the Seely lift I got from macro decent BUT the V11 has a V shaped sump and almost fell off the thing, 'till I made a wooden cradle so it levels it out, the old V1000 sits ok on it.