Start relay issues

Click – no Crank?

More or less all models of Guzzi may
suffer from this at some time in their lives. You push the starter button only
to hear a small click, and nothing else happens.

It is mainly due to the strange wiring
used, where the high current which is required to operate the starter solenoid
has to pass through the ignition switch contacts, which are rarely designed for

The cure is to do a small modification
to the wiring of the start relay, found amongst the relays on all models.

In essence you need to remove the wire
connected to pin 30 on the relay, ensuring that the loop to pin 85 remains
intact and still connected to the loom. Then run a new wire from battery positive
via an inline fuse of at least 15A back to pin 30 on the start relay.

Original wiring.

Modified wiring

The same problem also seems to surface
on the new 750s and CARC models. However different relays are used so the
numbers above don’t work.

On the new models this picture explains
what to do.


Remove yellow wire from pin 3 and
tape it up. Then add new connection from pin 3 to battery positive via a

One advantage to doing this is that the
yellow wire you remove could be used as a switched power source for any accessory.

This mod also bypasses the fuse which sometimes blows when
hitting the start button.Beware, this mod alone will not work on some of the later cali models - post '93 - where the headlight is switched off when the starter is pressed.On these you would also have to remove the lights relay and bridge across what would have been the relay contacts, otherwise the relay is energised all the time and will discharge the battery.

Brian UK2014-01-29 23:28:37

HI my v50 was wired differently.the spanish relay had 2 terminals at 87 so a jumper went to 86 and the incomeing marron (brown ) also went to 87.I put the new fused supply to 87. the old supply from ignition to 86. then 30 was left connected to the starter motor.the old jumper from 87 to 86 was discarded.all working well to date.