Starter motor cover Cali

New to the world of moto guzzi , now I do feel I have enough technical ability , rebuilt an r65 and done a clutch on a r1150rt , shimmed a ducati but somebody please tell me how to take the chrome cover off the starter motor , I took the seat key panel off but it looks like I will have to remove the throttle body , surely not!

Any advice would be appreciated

California black Eagle

I wouldn’t be surprised. I certainly had to loosen and rotate the left hand carburettor to pull the cover off my Cali III.

On the old Tontis, yes. Looked at a pic of a Black Eagle, yes I see what you mean. Wot he said!

If it’s an EV it should just pull off, it’s on the sort of clips that budgie drinks bottles have.

unbolt the two long bolts which hold the starter motor to the casing,
then remove the starter (after disconnecting the feed wires) then remove
the two small nuts at the top of the cover, you dont have to
disconnect the battery but I allways do as the live connection to the
starter can touch the frame when removing the starter. not a long job,
as Demon said it is a pull off you said “you took the seat key panel off” I presume it is a Cali EV or suchlike, not a old Cali with a Bosch starter.lthere is no need to remove the seat key panel but at least it will give you chance to clean up that general area.

northwest2014-06-24 08:06:06